To help clients hold to account not only people who break the law but also governments and other bodies charged with enforcing it.


To live in a world where animals are protected by philosophically consistent laws which are regulated and enforced effectively.


Claudia Coni

Claudia is a student at UCL, studying History, Politics & Economics BA. She is looking to pursue a career path which would enable her to make a difference for animals and joined the Advocates For Animals team in December 2021 to incorporate her passion for effective digital communication with gaining an insight into the legal side of protecting animals.

How did you get into animal protection?

My interest in animal protection mainly stemmed from spending my childhood growing up with various rescue animals of different species, helping them to grow in confidence and become content around people despite their earlier life experiences. Thinking about how animals could be protected from the damage inflicted by humans and inadequate living conditions led me to explore the importance of animal law.

Why do you care about animal law?

Animals, as sentient and intelligent beings, should be entitled to live free from mistreatment at the hands of humans. Animal protection legislation and its enforcement are some of the most effective ways to ensure this and make a difference to the lives of animals. I’m proud to be part of a team working to provide this protection to animals and helping to spread awareness through my role as social media officer.