To help clients hold to account not only people who break the law but also governments and other bodies charged with enforcing it.


To live in a world where animals are protected by philosophically consistent laws which are regulated and enforced effectively.


Jess Swallow

Jess is a solicitor now specialising in animal protection law. She joins Advocates for Animals from a civil litigation background where she regularly helped clients, from individuals to established businesses, resolve a wide range of disputes. Prior to qualifying as a solicitor, Jess held a senior leadership role at an environmental charity, so understands the joys and pressures of working in the non-profit sector.

How did you get into animal protection?

Animal protection isn’t really something I got into, but rather something that has always been a fundamental part of my life. Aware of animal suffering from a young age, I have fought for animal justice virtually since I could speak, regularly engaging with my young peers on the issue. Later in life, I continue to advocate for animals in my personal life and now as a lawyer on behalf of clients. When I first started studying law several years ago, animal law was not an established specialism, but Advocates for Animals is making huge strides in this regard. It is a privilege now to work in a professional environment where I can combine my passion for animals with my love of the law, and work with equally passionate clients to come up with creative ways to use the law to protect animals.

Why do you care about animal law?

Animals are some of the most vulnerable yet underrepresented individuals in our society. The way that they are treated, and the unimaginable scale of exploitation, is one of the greatest injustices in history. Often wrongly maligned and misunderstood, but unable to speak for themselves, animals need and deserve relentless allies to speak for them. The law is one of many valuable tools that can be used to fight for their protection and force policy and legislative changes which have the potential to make a difference to the lives of billions. I am delighted to be working with clients who are also passionate animal advocates and activists, to help them achieve their personal and campaigning goals, and ultimately improve the lives of as many animals as possible.