To help clients hold to account not only people who break the law but also governments and other bodies charged with enforcing it.


To live in a world where animals are protected by philosophically consistent laws which are regulated and enforced effectively.


Kshitija Purandare

Kshitija is a LLM student at Durham University, and wishes to qualify as a solicitor. She has completed a Law degree at the University of Liverpool, with her dissertation focussing on the EU's cosmetic animal testing policies. Kshitija is actively involved with various animal protection organisations such as the UK Centre for Animal Law. She aims to pursue her legal career in the area of animal protection.

How did you get into animal protection?

I spent much of my childhood in India, where I would see stray puppies on the streets, pick them up and bring them home to save them. My sentiments remain much the same from then as just last year, I rescued  3 kittens from a construction site. My interest in animal welfare further developed through volunteering at RSPCA shelters. I went on to study animal law at University, and then completed my dissertation on the shortcomings of the law with regards to animal testing bans.

Why do you care about animal law?

Animals are very often mistreated, and not given the voice that they deserve to have. Although they are recognised as sentient beings, their well-being is commonly disregarded. I have seen this through my studies of certain animal protection legislation. I wish to do my part to ensure that animals receive further legal protection in the near future.