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We appreciate that reading and processing legal information and putting your best case forward can be time consuming and a huge drain on a campaign. As such we offer a document writing service where we can use our expertise and insights into your work to provide you with a number of different resources. 


Our document writing service includes:


  • Reports


If there is a legal issue which you would like to publicise but you are concerned about getting the law right, we can help, either by writing the report in full or advising you so that your team can write it. We are happy to discuss publicising these reports in our clients’ names so that they can form part of your campaign publications.


  • Overviews of legislation and/or case law


We are often instructed to advise our clients on the legal landscape more broadly, either relating to specific animals or issues or in more general terms. These overviews can be as detailed as you would like them to be, and they often help our clients identify gaps or loopholes in the law, which can inform future campaigns. This includes both existing legislation and draft legislation.


  • Guidance documents


Similar to the above, we are also instructed to write guidance documents on the law, which could either be for internal training purposes, or for use externally. An example is if there is a particular stakeholder group that you feel would benefit from understanding the law. We can write detailed guidance or shorter “crib sheets”, depending on your needs.


  • Consultation responses


If the government has launched a consultation and you want to respond but don’t know where to start, we can help. We are well-placed to advise on the legal aspects and can assist you by drafting the response.


  • Petitions


Starting a petition can be a great way to build momentum in a campaign, but it is important that it is worded correctly, so that it is given proper consideration by parliament if it is debated. We can help with this, by drafting the petition and/or advising you on parliamentary processes.


  • Drafting legislation


We can also draft new legislation, which may form the basis of your campaign or lobbying. We can work with and amend existing legislation or draft something entirely new. We can advise you on how we envisage this new legislation operating alongside existing laws, and on the risks and benefits of each provision, as required.


If you need help with any of the above, or would like to discuss other ways in which you think you would benefit from our expertise, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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